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slashed adj
1 patterned by having color applied with sweeping strokes; "brown iris...slashed with yellow"- Willa Cather
2 having long and narrow ornamental cuts showing an underlying fabric; "a slashed doublet"; "slashed cuffs showing the scarlet lining"
3 wounded by cutting deeply; "got a gashed arm in a knife fight"; "had a slashed cheek from the broken glass" [syn: cut, gashed]
4 (used of rates or prices) reduced usually sharply; "the slashed prices attracted buyers" [syn: cut]

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  1. Having been slashed, cut or rent.


  1. past of slash

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Slashed is a 2003 low budget independent horror film, financed and directed by Alexander Marks and written by Jed Shepherd. The narrative is presented as a tour diary for the Northern Irish rock band Ash, but soon reveals itself as a gorefest. The film features many famous musicians, some playing themselves while others play specially written characters. The initial idea was given to Shepherd to write a short 'slasher' film for use on the DVD side of the 2002 single release 'Envy'. The film was anticipated by the tabloid and music press but had never officially been released.


Slashed tells the story of the 4 members of Ash on tour in America, suddenly getting caught up in a cat and mouse game with a serial killer. The evil killer is known only as Martha who was brutally murdered on her wedding night. She appears to her victims in a bloody wedding dress, holding an axe high above their heads. This supernatural killer chances upon the band and makes it its mission to destroy them one by one. Anyone who gets in the way is killed off in a most gruesome style. Moby tries to warn the band that they should return home to England while they still can while Dave Grohl screams about a premonition that they will all die. FBI Agents Sherbet Bones (Chris Martin) and his sidekick Datsun Ford (Jonny Buckland) are called in to battle the killer. It becomes clear that the killer is more than human and that it will take more than just guns to defeat it. Equipped with poetry and a few catchphrases Bones and Ford track down the demonic killer and fight to the death.


Chris Martin as FBI Agent Sherbet Bones Jonny Buckland as FBI Agent Datsun Ford Dave Grohl as Hysterical Dave Grohl Moby as Himself Tim Wheeler as Himself Mark Hamilton as Himself Rick McMurray as Himself Charlotte Hatherley as Herself Tav as himself Matt Sharp as God James Nesbitt as Himself Chris Carrabba as Himself Amy Lordan as Angel #1 Katie Hutchinson as Angel #2

Release and Reaction

Due to be released in 2004, to much press hype, Slashed did not appear for reasons unknown. In July 2007, Ash bassist Mark Hamilton let it be known that it was to be uploaded to Youtube as "I'm sure some people would want to see Chris Martin getting murdered". Initially thought to have been a hoax, a few clips have surfaced over the years to quell the disbelievers. Photos of the filming have also been on Ash and Coldplay websites for years and the long gestation period has not quenched the fans desires to see their favourite artists covered in blood and guts.

Cinematic and literary allusions

In the film, the supernatural killer is Martha, a young woman murdered on her honeymoon. She comes back from the grave to exact revenge upon a world who destroyed her perfect life. This emulates the narrative of many Japanese Horror which were a big influence on the writer and director. They were also influenced by Evil Dead 2, Transformers, Don Quixote, The Troubles in Northern Ireland and The Adventures of Conor McNicholas and Sancho.


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